Shorepoint Insurance Services is celebrating our 55th anniversary. Here is a note from our President, Ray Markley:


   There are many memories with Shorepoint Insurance Services. When I look back over the years, our business history is full of learning experiences and positive success. 

   Some satisfying moments with clients include when we experience losses that are repaired, recovered or reimbursed. It is always a good feeling when we prepare for certain risks that may happen, and when they did happen, we had the right insurance or strategy to respond as we planned. When hard work results in a sealed deal and an ongoing relationship, it feels good to know that doing a good job produces results.

   On the business side of things, we feel we do our job right when premium costs are saved by rethinking our operating costs, which in turn minimizes our client costs. Those costs may be “redundant” insurance, old method of pricing risks, technology efficiencies, communication savings, client trade and practices changing to safer operations and methods of business, an insurer that “gets it” based on thoughtful understanding of the risk.

   Over the years, we have had many wonderful employees and it is always a pleasure when employees and fellow team mates help build trust, be true to their word, and fair in criticism. Some of my favorite things about working at Shorepoint has been and always will be: Going to work and enjoying the journey, delivering excellence, building lasting relationships with both the Shorepoint team and our clients, always learning new things and confirming the wisdom of the past, giving to others, and being grateful and staying humble. Oh and ah, the palm trees and sunshine also around us…


A very Happy Birthday to Shorepoint Insurance Services – still going strong!